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*In these above free chapters...

See the EXACT step-by-step system an ex-window installer
used to become a multi-millionaire UK property investor
in only 7 months, using none of his own money!

What you're giving is priceless...
Property investor's bible...
Really is a masterpiece...

(See full testimonials to the right and below)

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*I am so confident you'll be thrilled by the proven money-making strategies inside my book, that I offer a full money-back guarantee. (See details below) 

I 100% Guarantee My System To Lasting Wealth
Is Easier Than You Think And Will Shock You

It doesn't matter what the property market is doing now or in the future for you to make your fortune (could be going up or down). No matter what's happening, I can show you exactly why you will still make a literal MOUNTAIN of money.
It doesn't matter if you have NEVER bought a property before. (I was a complete beginner and became a multi-millionaire in about 180 days). Now I have seen life-changing successes happen with friends, relatives, and clients over and over again (see testimonials below).
It doesn't matter how much available cash you have - I show you how to get started safely on your way to your first million pounds using other people's money!
It doesn't matter what other so-called "experts" say... the truth is you never need to sell your investment properties to make your money - yep! You read that right!  I'll show you exactly why you will make more money by NOT selling, and why only amateur investors sell!
You don't need to worry about taxes with property earnings - I show you exactly how to use the tax man's own laws and rules to legally avoid paying tax! Mr. TaxMan doesn't want you to know this stuff because there is nothing they can do to stop you when you do know it!

Order your copy now 100% risk free

Andy Shaw

My Promise To You:

Give me a few moments of your time and I'll give you access to the most consistently powerful, practical, and immediately usable wealth generation info you will probably EVER find...

I realise this is a big claim, so I offer you the opportunity to read my book, and decide for yourself if I share such powerful info...

Then, if you're not thrilled with the wealth generation strategies I openly share in detail, I'll refund your purchase. (See my money-back guarantee below for details).

It's as simple as that. I want to make sure you have nothing to lose here... and everything to gain!

Discover Inside Why Even A Fast And Easy
100% Return On Investment Is For Amateurs!

Want to see how an infinite return on investment works it's magic?

In my book, I'll explain exactly how such a deal works in detail, but for now, it's very much like someone paying you cash (£1,000 - £10,000)... to own a property... that then makes you about £10,000 and growing (legally)... every single year... for the rest of your life... with almost no further effort on your part!

Sounds too good to be true, doesn't it? Well, the crazy thing is I've done nearly 300 of them already, and I can show you...

Infinite return on investment deals are everywhere!

These "infinite return on investment" deals are the only kind of opportunites I will do now, and they are the only kind of deals I suggest others do as well. In my book, I explain exactly how you can easily find them, and how you can get them literally creating huge amounts of money for you right away.

I'll also show you how I went from zero to multi-millionaire in 180 days, using none of my own money...

That was madness, and I don't expect you to do anything quite so daft.

It is a great story, going from zero to over 2 million pounds in less than 7 months, and I'm sure someone could repeat the feat if they are driven enough, but the backbone of my book is a lot more "tame" in it's approach to generating wealth.

You can easily make a fortune that grows steadily, while playing it 100% safe.

Now after over 7 years, and several hundred properties purchased, I have developed a system for making money that never fails me.

Massive Success Is So Predictable!

Now with my system, I never speculate...

Each potential deal runs through a simple formula, that uses simple maths, that works every time when the numbers say "GO".

Every single property I have purchased, or helped others purchase, has made, and will continue to make a substantial profit.

Very very good news for you...

My book, 'Money For Nothing And Your Property For Free', openly shares my experience and system for making huge sums of money, so you can go out and use the same exact property investment strategy to create a lot of wealth for yourself!

Order your copy now 100% risk free

What's My Ulterior Motive
For Writing This Book?

One of the biggest questions we received through blog feedback, emails, and general chat with people during and after the initial launch of my book "Money For Nothing And Your Property For Free",  is this:

"If your system works so well, and you can make so much money with it, then why are you telling others about it, and why are you selling your multi-million pound secrets for so little?"

In this short video Andy answers this for you and reveals his big "ulterior motive" for releasing his new book and site...

What's Inside Andy Shaw's Book?
Take a look at the Table Of Contents:

If You Read Any Further You Might
Get Really Angry... Why?

Because if you can copy a simple list of instructions, do each item on that list, one at a time, and check them off as you go - then you can become a millionaire.

That's it. In essence that's all I do and I make a fortune!

That's all that has ever been blocking the road between you and total financial freedom.

Want to see how easy this list of instructions is? Click here to get Andy's book delivered to you now

Do you want that chance to copy a self-made multi-millionaire who walks the walk every day?

We've turned property investing into a simple formula that tells us whether we should invest, or move onto the next deal for evaluation.

There's no guessing, no magic, just simple research and maths - and so far, we've made GOOD MONEY every single time we invested. Once the mystery of how the process works is revealed - all fear disappears, and you just do it.

Here's your very rare chance to see the same exact bullet-proof property investment system my partners, friends, clients, and I personally use everyday as multi-millionaires.

What's My "Secret" Reason
For Sharing This Info?

It's  a big secret advantage I have over any standard company who sells similar info.

Want to know what that secret is?

Now here's what I really get out of this: This is the bit that's important to me, this is my motivation, this is where you will be helping me the most, this is where you will be giving me something back...

What you will be giving me is a growing voice that others can clearly hear.

The voice that you will help me to create here will be one of the loudest cries for financial security through intelligent action there has ever been!

Do you believe it's OK living in an abundant western world where ONLY 1 out of your 100 friends will retire financially free? Or do you think that is an absolutely awful statistic?

I Think 1% Is The Most Awful Statistic
I’ve Ever Heard...

...99% of people work for 45 years and retire into poverty!

What I am trying to do is CHANGE that statistic, I am trying to make 5% retire financially free, and if I can do just that I will have changed the world.

THAT is my goal!

So in affect I will be increasing the number of people who retire financially free by 500%!

When you experience this reality yourself - I know you will be happy to help others (your family and friends) discover this possibility as well.

Now is the time - are you ready to act - and help me achieve this goal?

Become financially free for the rest of your life!

100% Money Back Guarantee!

Order totally risk-free. Even if you're not sure this is for you, order and try it. You can return the book at any time in the first 60 days after you receive it, even if you don't like the smell of the pages, and you will receive a prompt, courteous refund of the £19.75 book price.

No questions asked.

And yes, I'm that confident you will be thrilled with the info, and that this book will easily help you to make more money.

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The goal of my private membership site for it's members:

"My goal is to increase each member's net worth by 15% a year minimum. This may not sound like much, but if you take the average English income of about £34,000 - this 15% increase comes out to a minimum of £5000 gain (I will strive for £10,000 as a minimum gain for every member though)..."

"My burning desire and the main goal of my private membership site is to not only give my members proven millionaire-making strategies and tools, but to help them get out there and actually take action."

"After they take action once, they then see how easy it is to become permanently financially free... and another changed life really happens."

"Now I can proudly say this is becoming a reality for more members, every day" - Andy Shaw

During Your 30-Day Access - Here's What You'll Find Inside Andy's Private Membership Site:


  • Can You, Should You Buy It Software: 
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Members comment on this software:

"I think it will probably make my subscription worthwhile alone"... "Superb tool"... "Shows I will leave money in"... "Excellent software"... "Gives you confidence"... "What a great tool!"...

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    Just one tip within this exclusive report can easily be worth tens of thousands of pounds for you, or for your relatives. (There are loopholes in the inheritance tax law that you must be aware of).

    Comments from members...
    "mindboggling" ..."absolutely mind bending"... "must read"

  • NEW! Building Work Prices
    This includes Andy's incredible insights into how to work with builders successfully (after many years experience both as a builder, and as a customer of builders on hundreds of refurb jobs). This info can save any property investor thousands of pounds:
    - What you should be paying for building work
    - Where to buy from
    - Having fun with builders

  • NEW! Building Contract Example
    This section includes personal tips from Andy, and a simple straightforward contract for use when working with builders

  • Exclusive Property Investment Articles
    It's not everyday that you can read articles written by a multi-millionaire property investor. Discover various powerful property investment theme strategies from Andy in these exclusive articles. Topics from negotiation techniques, to statistical research tools.


  • NEW - HOT INFO! Interactive Credit Card Section
    Andy Shaw has aquired over 300 credit cards, and has secrets on how to use them for your advantage that few will ever even imagine exist. This is such powerful cash-generating info, that it comes with a very serious warning to you. We must be sure that you handle this exclusive info with extreme care... you will soon see why!

  • NEW - HOT INFO! Interactive Loans Section
    Again, this is such powerful cash-generating info, acquired over 8-9 years of intense practice, that it comes with a very serious warning to you to proceed cautiously... you will understand why when you see the info shared!

  • 2nd Charge Loans (coming soon)

  • Mortgages (coming soon)

  • Money Magnet

  • Your Credit File (coming soon)

  • Plus many more sections and features...
    * Live Chat Rooms
    * Wealth creation Forums
    * Private Personal Development Tools Area
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    * Your Own Personal Site Blog
    * Joint Venture Message Board
    * Recommended Reading

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PRICE: £19.75
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PLEASE NOTE: If you'd prefer NOT to see some of the incredible wealth building tools and techniques within your FREE 30-Day VIP Private Membership Site Access, you can “untick” the FREE BONUS option box while ordering.... and order just the 'Money For Nothing And Your Property For Free' book, with no free bonus. It's that simple.

ANOTHER NOTE: My New Book is a physical book, that will not be available as an e-book.

If you have any questions before you order, feel free to contact us (email address listed below). My techniques are working for hundreds of people now who were willing to believe in something more. I hope you become one of them.

PD Internet Futures Ltd t/a Andy Shaw.com 
24 Bowmans Close, Steyning, West Sussex, BN44 3SR

Detailed Terms And Conditions Here:

Wishing you the very best in life,

Andy Shaw

P.S. - MY NEW BOOK is only priced at £19.75. I kept it very accessible on purpose - but don't let the low price fool you. I guarantee that even veteran investors will discover new insights and strategies in this book to help them make possibly thousands, if not hundreds of thousands more than they are making right now.

P.P.S. If you can't afford 20 quid for this kind of 100% GUARANTEED info (meaning you don't risk a penny anyway) - what are you doing looking at a property investment page? I don't mean that as an insult - just as a blunt challenge to that kind of thinking.

P.P.S. - Make the decision: If you fail to purchase MY NEW BOOK, where will you be a few days... a few weeks... a few months from now? You probably won't remember to come back and buy the book that will change your financial future, so make that decision today NOW! Then one day soon the postman will arrive with your new key to a life of choice.

100% Safe and Secure 128-bit encryption

I love to help people,
let me help you too...

More Exciting PROOF:

"Within the first 9 months of meeting Andy... his advice and techniques made me over £80k on one property deal alone"

"Andy is one of the most generous people I know. He has an abundant mentality that flows through everything he does.
Within the first 9 months of meeting him and his company, his advice and techniques made me over £80k on one property deal alone.

Andy refers to his style of mentoring as "coaching with a baseball bat". He isn't wrong!

His direct, no nonsense approach can often leave you feeling exhausted but the advice he gives on business and wealth creation is priceless. His mentoring has accelerated my learning and personal development beyond belief and I consider it a real privilege to be his friend."

- Paul Fuggle
Owner - TotalBusinessCart.com

"Andy helped me transform
my businesses and my life"

"I had the massive good fortune to meet Andy Shaw via a convoluted set of events, a few years ago, and when I look back on how it happened, it was definitely "meant to be".

 Andy is open-minded enough to think that he can still learn from everyone he meets and that's how our relationship started but it quickly grew into a mutual exchange of ideas, enthusiasm for learning, sharing and growing. Then, one black day when I needed help, they reached out to help, and his support has been unwavering ever since.

Andy has helped me transform my businesses and my life. It's not just about money, Andy's inspirational leadership on his fitness levels has inspired me to get started on mine and I am a different woman now.

He's a challenge all right and some folks won't like his way because he's blunt, and honest to the core, but my God, he knows what he's talking about.

I have met three people in my life that struck me as genuinely original thinkers (I hesitate to use the word genius as he's "self confident" enough already!!); one was an old boss of mine, Bennie Gray from the Space Organisation, one was Thomas Leonard, the founder of Coaching, and the third is Andy Shaw. The clarity of thinking Andy bring to the table is nothing short of brilliant.
I would do anything for Andy, and anyone that he holds dear. Ignore him at your peril as your financial and personal life will be very different if you move into Andy's orbit.
But be ready for his sense of fun which is irrepressible! Gotta love him!"

- Nicola Cairncross
Owner - TheMoneyGym.com (as seen on CNN News)

"I totally trust Andy with everything"

"I have known Andy for about 11 years and since then he has become a very close friend, probably my best friend.

I have learnt many things from him but the most important one is trust. I totally trust Andy with everything, so much so that whenever I have any kind of problem he is the first person I talk to, sometimes even before my wife.

When I was disillusioned with my job a while back and I decided to work from home he was the first person I spoke to.

That business grows now on a daily basis, thanks to my work and his unbelievable sense of direction. I never underestimate his perception into how to make an idea work."

- Phil Doolan
Founder: PD Internet Futures Ltd

"If you are serious about becoming wealthy yourself
then you MUST become an Andy Shaw Insider"

"Andy Shaw is The Man, the brains behind the UK Wealth Creation Community to whom all the Movers & Shakers go for advice about any investment opportunity we don’t understand, are not sure about, or over which we would like him to cast his analytical eye.

And he is abundance personified. He reviews our propositions and offers up a complete review, frequently with some sharp directional advice thrown in - which we sometimes don’t like, but always know is for our own good.

Andy is a serious player, successful in business, a property multi-millionaire and internet marketer. Look out as he begins to target his exocet on the Stock Market!

The most important weapon Andy has in his arsenal is that he KNOWS he can be a success at anything he chooses, and he can show you how to do the same. If you are serious about becoming wealthy yourself, or sustaining that place, then you MUST become an Andy Shaw Insider. I count myself as one of the fortunate ones."

- Judith Morgan
Personal Wealth Coach

"His insight into making money is incredible"

"Andy has been my business partner for over 15 years and my friend for longer. His insight into making money is incredible.

He is without a doubt the most driven person I have ever met in my life, and it is fair to say no one else I have ever met even comes close."

He possesses a razor sharp insight into how a situation will turn out long before we have even started. When it comes to getting something off the ground and sticking with it I can think of no one better.

He has stood beside me at times in business where there looked like there was no way through, and when we struggled in business you want someone who stands and fights next to you, he does that, but he also brings a little something else to the party.

He brings an ability to clearly see a path through a minefield that is so simple that most people will never even notice it. This ability to simplify problems is a great strength."

- Greg Ballard
Founding Partner: Passive Investments
Multi-millionaire property investor

"I've worked with thousands of so called Property Investors but his buying skills are simply unbelievable."

"I had the dubious pleasure of first meeting this character, several years ago. I had arranged quite a few mortgages, for him from a distance. He just appeared to be completely mad – buying all of this property.

When I met him, my suspicions were of course confirmed. However, as the months and years went by, I got to know him and saw how he would work a Property Investment deal, to maximise his gain on it. I couldn’t believe the returns he was getting.

Some property’s he bought hadn’t even completed, before I was arranging their re-mortgage. I’d say to anyone, when it comes to finding a Property Deal, he is simply unrivalled.

I have worked with thousands of so called Property Investors but his buying skills are simply unbelievable. We became friends and helped each other in various aspects of business and life, we established a level of trust that is very important to me when dealing with people.

So when the opportunity came up to go into business with Andy & Greg, of course I was interested. Not for the money, that may have been at the end of the rainbow, not even for the fact that we now buy property together, no, I was interested with working with both Andy & Greg, because they both have so much fun in what they do.

The bit that mattered to me the most is that they love it, and that much enthusiasm is contagious and I love it to, and I work with them because the fun we all have is what gives me pleasure."

- Adrian Daniels
Founding Partner: Passive Investments
Expert Mortgage Broker


Order your copy now 100% risk free

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Reader Feedback
Updated September '08

"Forever Grateful"
To Andy,

Thank you...

I’ve just finished your book and it has inspired me to say the least, Property investment has always been a goal of mine but I was looking at it from completely the wrong angle. I am now looking to buy my first prop thanks to you,

But even now when the only thing in my life that has changed is that I’ve read your book I already feel like I have succeeded and for that alone I am forever grateful.

Yours sincerely
Adam H

"Easily The Best"
Hi Andy

Just read the book and it is FANTASTIC!!

 I have read several books about property investing and yours is easily the best. I really like the way you have managed to explain everything so clearly. Congratulations."

- Mark Y

"Invaluable Info"
Hi Andy

Just finished your book... and have decided to immediately read it again!

It was full of invaluable information and as a total novice in the buy-to-let market I found it fascinating.

I really enjoyed the book and I am already scouring the local papers property section for some good deals.

Graham E.
"Fantastic... WOW!"
Hi Andy,

I have just finished reading you fantastic book, WOW, I have read lots of self help and property books but yours is very different to everything I have read and that makes it a really winner.

What I particularly liked was the relaxed style of writing combined with amazing detail on how to achieve freedom through property.

Your book has come along just at the right moment in my life and has inspired me to get PASSIONATE about success. So a massive THANK YOU, I know you must here this a great deal but it is truly heartfelt."

- Nigel H

Hi Andy

Still reading your book. Love it, love it, love it. Mind-blowing, warm, funny at times, life-changing.

Thanks so much for sharing your story. What you're giving is priceless.

My husband and I have been struggling with money for years, wondering why we werent getting anywhere in
spite of working long long hours. Now here like a gold nugget on a riverbed is your book.

I'm determined not to be someone who reads and does nothing. I'm getting my husband to read your info too.
Once, we've both finished, we'll definitely start changing our lives.

Thanks once again.

Best wishes
Stephanie H.
"Great book... Inspiring!"

Great Book!!

I've just finished reading your book which I bought at the Excel Centre a couple of weeks ago (thanks for signing it!) and I just wanted to tell you that I was very impressed with what you wrote. This is the kind of information that I've been looking for for the past year since I decided that I wanted to get involved in property, and I found it informative,entertaining and inspiring!"

- Steve R

"Thanks Many Millions"

WOW thanks for the book. I've spent hundreds of pounds on self help books with a view to financial security, but this one has had the most effect with blindingly clear strategy built in. THANKS MANY MILLIONS


"Simply Awesome"
Hi Andy,

Trust all is great my friend

Property work has taken off - must of viewed around 15 props in 2 weeks!

Looking at 2 potential deals now - exciting stuff!

Thanks again for the writing book its simply awesome - having not known anything about property to picking up your book to viewing over 15 props in 3 weeks then in the forth week putting offers in for deals!

Your book is simply outstanding! Thank you!

Make it a great day!
Tej Samani

"Excellent And Easy"
Hello Andy,

I have almost finished reading a borrowed copy and so will wait 'till I can obtain one of my own. It is excellent and easy to understand - even for a non business woman like myself!

Thank you.

Very best wishes,
Catherine H.

"Property Investors Bible"
Hi Andy,

To be honest and I am not a particularly religious person, I would sum it up as a Property Investors Bible, from which lessons can be learned from each and every chapter and referred to time and time again.

- Russell K

"Really Is A Masterpiece"
Hi Andy,

I've already had the pleasure of reading your book and was really impressed with your style…. It made me feel as though we were old school chums and that we were catching up on the past whilst enjoying some good ale and sitting by the fire in your local.

It really is a masterpiece for anyone who is already in or is thinking of getting into property. I don't mind telling you - I've attended thousands of pounds worth of seminars - read hundreds of pounds worth of course notes and books and still managed to make thousands of pounds worth of mistakes.

But as you so rightly point out in your book - 'You can't really go wrong with property', and fortunately we still hold our 'small' portfolio and we look forward to improving on it with the knowledge that you've so freely shared to us all. If only your publication had been available 5 years ago!!!

- Dave G

"Loving Your Book"
Hi Andy

I am really really loving your book. It's full of energy, passion and conviction. The other night after I read the opening chapter in bed, I couldn't get to sleep for an hour because I was so excited!

Sarah M.

"I Am Inspired"
Hi Andy

Great book, I'm a 3rd of the way through. The creative juices are flowing and I am inspired! 

"Loved It, Loved It"
Hi Andy

Read the book and have re-read parts several times over.

Loved it, loved it, loved it. Typos made it seem real, almost as if you just want people to get it, sod the language! Your language must be contagious. Have just made an offer for a prop where I have had to negotiate the lease extension as well. Purchase, refurb, re-finance and move on...like it!

Thanks again for the great book. 


"Warts And All!"
Hi Andy,

I thought your new book was fantastic, it's great to be able to read a property book that actually details how its physically done, warts and all! You also mentioned some very interesting points and tips yesterday (especially about garages!). I would love to have the opportunity to develop my property knowledge if you are ever planning on holding another course/mentorship type programme in the future. Obviously only if you can squeeze that in between acquiring your 500 props in the next year or so! Hope to catch up again soon.

Kind regards,
Alex E

"Enjoyed Every Minute"
Hi andy

I have recently finished reading your book and enjoyed every minute of it – thanks. I am now looking for properties in my area and whilst I haven’t found any yet I am sure that I will find one soon.

Greatly appreciated.

Kind regards
"Wish To Buy 3 More"
Hi Andy,

As an admirer of your work in the property field, and having just read your book for the second time, I now wish to buy 3 more copies for close friends.

Kind regards,

Philip R A
"My Property Bible"

I have just finished your book and will carry it around as my bible for all aspects of my property investment. I am over here in Ireland and have investments here, UK, SA and the States.

The book has driven me to make two decisions 1. To see if the module will work with a partner we have up in Scotland where we already have 40 units but would like to increase that to around 200 and use them as a pension fund from there on and also with my own daughter who is 15 now but this year is in what we call over here transition year where they have to do work experience.

Ed Martin

"It's Brill"
Hi Andy,

Got the book a few weeks ago, its brill.. I've been telling all the people I care about that they need to read it, so lets hope they do!

Steve M

"Truly Inspired"
Hi there

I had recently been discussing with a previous boss and now true friend, my recently new role as a landlord and that I had been bitten by the bug and wanted to think of this a my new career, that is opposed to the Head of Human Resources in a local NHS Trust, where the bureaucracy was driving me mad.

I missed out in the first release and have been truely inspired by the first five chapters of this revised version.

When is your book out or how can I purchase it?

From an inspired and raring to go property developer

Thanks Kirsteen

"Great Read...Inspired Me"
Hi Andy...

I am very nearly at the end of your book. I has been a great read and has inspired me to re-double my property investing efforts. In fact i have lined up 5 purchases since I started the book.

Overall I think it is one of the better books I have read on property investing. Often they come across as lacking in personality but yours certainly doesn't.


Neil G.
"On Third Run"
Hi Andy,

Funny feels like i almost know you writing this as Ive read your book twice now and now on my third run to get really familiar with the details. I wanted to write and say thankyou for sharing what you know you didnt need to do that so thank you."

- Gareth V